“A word of encouragement during a difficult time is worth more than an hour of praise after success.” – Unknown

Kaye (Lorna) Griggs  

The TAMTFOA’s well-known and loved weights and measures official was discharged from Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital on Thurs., May 18, 2017. Currently she will resume recovery at her mother’s home (5138 Crosby St. Houston, TX 77021). If you would like to visit her, please contact Jody via email ( beforehand. Kaye has come a long way, but there’s still more for her to do toward recovery and rehab.  For daily updates go to:  [Click on Search, type Kaye Griggs, then sign in to view updates, write comments, etc]

 Flowers, cards, etc can be sent to the address above. Your continued support and prayers are greatly appreciated. 


Robert “Bob” Ligon

We are thankful for every day, every week, every month, and every year that we are blessed to be on this earth. As life’s challenges come our way, we persevere and keep moving. As always, Bob, will be found on the track taking the time to train, teaching, and/or lend a hand to others.

Let’s return the love and send words of encouragement, a phone call, or an unexpected card or gift to remind him that he is appreciated. In life, we all take knock downs, bruises, and bumps. But, the best things in life come through persistence, faith, and perseverance. Please send heavenly prayers to Bob, as he continues to push forward, while going through current health conditions.

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