Officials’ Duties/Jobs

Communication is essential during a track and field meet. The track and field athletic officials or track and field athletic technical officials are referees responsible for judging the various events within a track and field meet.

Below are the LEAD/HEAD officials for each area. Feel free to contact them via email if you have questions, concerns or if you are interested in volunteering in their area as an official.



Roy Hawkins

Marshal (backup)

Randall Hollimon


Kevin Waters


Doyce Wells




George Young

HJ (backup)

Larry Egger

Long Jump/Triple Jump

Terry Thurber


Kevin McGinnis




Raymond Pierre


Doc Beavers



The flow of the responsibilities are usually sub-divided into four main groups: referees, supervisor, support, announcer

I. REFEREE: (Rule 32)
1) Authority to interpret and enforce rules, including deciding on situations not clearly covered by the applicable rules
2) Supervises the event
3) Maintains and can modify event schedule

II. SUPERVISORS: work is sub-divided further under the Event Referees
1) Clerk — assistant clerks
2) Starter — recall starter
3) Head Timer — authority over finish line area’s timers, finish judges and
photo timing personnel — (Also known as a Finish Line Coordinator)
4) Chief Umpire — coordinates umpires (also called an Inspector)
5) Chief Field Judge — coordinates with heads of each field event

III. SUPPORT:  Meet support personnel include scorer, wind gauge, etc

IV. ANNOUNCER: Role of the announcer (Rule 43)
– to help maintain the schedule and announce results, not a horse race
-As noted in NCAA Rules: The announcer’s job is to give relevant information in the fewest
words possible with minimum disruption of attention from the competition itself.

 Additional information can be found at: USATF Officiating Resources/Training 

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